SCL72 - Red

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Falke – Run

Obviously we love a patterned sock in the Club. However,

we also don’t forget the sartorial elegance and easy wearing

occasion adaptation of a plain sock. The humble plain sock

is anything but that in our opinion, and can make a great

outfit greater.

Coming from the stables of Falke and as reliable as German

Train Timetables, we present these Falke Run Ergo sock


These cotton blend socks work well with trainers and other

casual footwear. They come with a non-slip sole print and

will also hold up well in a storm thanks to the elastane at

the cuff around the ankle.

These Falke socks come in a Left and Right designed fit

and are also available in three size options, additionally

they have an anatomically formed toe. All of these options

result in a superior and a pretty much bespoke fit.

Made in: Germany

Materials: Cotton Blend

Sizing: Small (UK 6.5 to UK 7.5)

Medium (UK 8 to UK 9)

Large (UK 9.5 to UK 11)

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