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SCL - George & The Dragon Socks

produced by Corgi, exclusively for Sock Club London...

We’re on a crusade. A crusade to champion socks, with the loyal support of our collective of likeminded friends and Sock Club London members. Naturally having London and England as our home we couldn’t let the opportunity of celebrating the crusader and patron Saint of England, St. George, go past without our own take.
So, in time for St. Georges day on 23rd April, the route we have chosen is to tell the story of St. George and The Dragon in sock form. Surely there is no other way to depict this epic battle.
To display the animosity between these two foes, we’ve split them up. The Left sock has St. George on his horse, lance in hand and ready to slay the dragon, knitted into the band on the ankle on both sides. The Right sock has the Dragon, positioned to rise up against its attacker, also on both sides. 

Available in three different colour options, these premium socks are made of a blend of 75% Cotton and 25% Nylon with a hand-linked toe, including Sock Club London knitted into the design on the toe.

These are some of the most comfortable socks on the market and come in two sizes for a superior fit, Medium fits a UK Size 6 to 8.5, and Large fits a UK Size 9 to 11. Full retail is 16 British Pounds.

Exclusive to Sock Club London, and available in very limited numbers whilst stocks last.

This colour option has navy as the prominent colour on show. Red is used to provide a strong contrast at the ankle and foot. The subtle use of grey is a nod to St. Georges armour )


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