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CHUP ‘White Label’ Socks – North Rim


CHUP socks, the most commonly known brand from those sock experts at GLEN CLYDE, have come out of Japan with even more impact and punch than Godzilla. Taking inspiration from fair isle and indigenous patterns of old these socks deliver on every level.


Low gauge machines, which can only produce 25 pairs of socks a day, are used to weave these incredible, intricate and colourful designs. If you don’t have a pair of CHUP socks in your sock rotation then you need to get involved


CHUP Socks Premium White Label socks are a departure from their traditional Fair Isle inspirations. These socks retain the same superior level of craftsmanship and design, but take their inspiration from a wider range of patterns. The CHUP White Label series is very limited and hard to come by outside of Japan, don’t sleep on these they’re limited in number and won’t be in stock for long.


The North Rim design is a ribbed sock, with the foot having a traditional US camp sock look and feel. The sock is contrasted by using a simple one single colour. Culminating in a superior sock game when worn with the two different techniques showing off best at the ankle area between the trouser hem and the shoe.


These socks are finished with a hand-linked toe to deliver on premium comfort. A pair of CHUP socks are a must have in the Autumn and Winter seasons; and will leave you well equipped for the entire duration of CHUP Season™.


Made in: Japan


Materials: Cotton Blend

Sizing: One Size (UK6 to UK11)

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