purple haze all in my brain…

“Purple haze all in my brain,

Lately things don’t feel the same,

Acting funny but I don’t know why,

Excuse me whilst I kiss the sky.”

No, Sock Club London has not been putting anything in the coffee in the SCL offices. The lyrically astute and musically aware of you will recognize those lyrics from the Jimi Hendrix song ‘Purple Haze’. On record Jimi has stated that the inspiration for this song has been as diverse as other musicians lyrics, or books he was reading, to a young lady who was vying for his affections at the time “Whatever it is, that girl put a spell on me”. 

Jimi never went on record to say that the inspiration for the record was a strain of cannabis called Purple Haze, a potent type mostly of the sativa variety. Lets be honest, if he had gone on record with that revelation it would have definitely had a negative effect on the commerciality of the record at that time. However, if you don’t believe that there is any connection between recreational drug use and Jimi’s song, we would politely suggest that you must have been smoking something.

So, what has all this got to do with socks? We’re getting to that (no one can ever accuse us of being concise, having our heads in the clouds yes, being concise no). The fine people over at Sneaker Freaker, the magazine and online entity heralding from the country of Australia that does a stellar job covering the sneaker world and so much more besides, have teamed up with heritage running footwear brand Saucony (pronounced ‘Sock-a-knee’, tenuous link number one!) on a sneaker collaboration. 

Previously back in 2012 Sneaker Freaker brought out the local relevantly titled ‘Bushwacker’, utilizing the Saucony GRID 9000. This time, and unlike Jimi they are not afraid to hide away from drug related references (the press release drops more weed references than Jimi dropped actual drugs, allegedly) they present the ‘Kushwacker’ on the Saucony GRID SD. The shoe features a blend of suede, mesh and also some 3M hits for those late night sessions, all on top of an overall purple haze colour theme.

So, what has this got to do with socks? Yes, yes we’re coming to that right now, we’re just experiencing some short-term memory loss for some unknown reason and struggling with our concentration. The good folks over at Burlington socks have decided to put in on this deal and delivered a limited sock. They have used their classic Clyde argyle pattern and mirrored the colours used on the shoe to deliver a complete match between shoe and cotton sock. To ram the theme home, in case anyone else was struggling with memory loss, Sneaker Freaker have also kindly pointed out on the tag that these are Dope Socks. Nicer and much more subtle than those all over leaf numbers from HUF (we’d politely suggest that these have had their day and need to go the same way as the 90’s Adihash T-Shirt) the socks are only available when purchasing the shoe from the Sneaker Freaker website.

So, if you still want in on this deal it may be best to head over to ebay and hopefully not pay too much over the odds. Sock Club London tried and failed to source a pair, in order to get up close and of course for personal use only. We prefer to use our own images than the standard press ones, and to be honest images that also show a bit more of the sock. They missed a trick not showing an image of a rolled up sock.

So if you know a guy who knows a guy, then hook a member up. We would also like to try the Jimi Hendrix Experience for ourselves.

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