original pirate material ( a guest blog post )

There are many possible reasons why Captain Phillips lost out during award season.

The movie gave few opportunities for sock based puns for a start - Dallas Sock Club, Blue Socks, The Sock of Wall Street all spring to mind.

Hanks and Co. might have fared better giving focus on the essentials of pirate wardrobe.

Of course, their 18th century predecessors favoured plus-fours and a buckle shoe.
But the modern day pirate has these A Bathing Ape quarter socks on which to spend his well plundered doubloons.

More discerning shipmates are free to choose between solid grey or, the more jaunty, monochromatic hoops.

The quarter sock does have a feminine look – it shows a bit more ankle cleavage - which was considered risqué back in the 1700s and we’re are more open minded these days.