a visit to the pantherella sock factory ( part two )

ok, let's look at a few photos from the pantherella sock factory visit.

this was in a room full of old machines.
i guess they were some sort of old sock display things.

wow !
around this point we started thinking about having one of these machines
installed at sock club hq.
it was one of the most impressive looking coffee machines we'd ever seen.

what ?

a proper old sock machine

and another

it was an amazing room, full of once proud sock machines
now resting... perhaps having an afternoon nap but ready to be
brought back to life one day.

some of the old machines still had thread in them.

 ok... i must admit, i can't remember if this was one of the old
'retired' machines or one of the machines that work a shift each day.
truth is, they look pretty similar to the untrained eye.

you see, the new sock machines were not the size of a toaster
and in glossy white like some sort of apple mac.

no. they were massive things.
in fact it was a really big factory full of gigantic machines whirring
away like some scene from a 50's sci-fi film.

you'd think all this heavy machinery was making cars or tanks or some such.
but no... they were making something much more important...

they were making socks.

part three of the visit to follow soon.