to cuff or not to cuff ? ( a guest blog post )

of all the questions received at sock club london,
one of the most popular them is:

"to cuff or not to cuff ?"

this is still an oft discussed topic at the bi-annual conference despite
it's grounding in the foundations of sock club rules
( though it is not known where this rule ranks )

spoiler: there are no answers here.

not a cuff

the single turn.
a classic but without fair consideration to the needs of the sock.

let there be light.

the highwater.
not ideal for a wider cuff ( 15" plus ) due to static build up from
perpetual swinging.

a cuff above.
not for the fainthearted and currently illegal in most non-eu countries.

the pin tuck, double roll.
this final execution is favoured by more fundamental members of sock club
and should never be attempted with an outside turn.