a visit to the pantherella sock factory ( part one )

a few months ago now, sockclub members 001 and 002 were invited 
to the pantherella sock factory in leicester.
we went armed with a camera and sported our finest socks for the occasion.

it's where some of the best socks in the country are born.
is 'born' the correct word ? probably not but you know what we mean.

( leicester is also home to some of the worst coffee known to man, but that's another story )

oh wait a minute... we at sock club london are not blaming pantherella for the bad coffee.

*sound of hole digging*

no, not at all... it was the coffee at the local cafes that have haunted our dreams 
every night since that wretched day in november.

then again, in fairness, pantherella could take their coffee game up a notch or two.

hold tight are you going to talk about coffee or gentlemen's hosiery ?
i hear you ask...

you're right. i'll keep to the sock-theme from now on.

let's talk about socks.
to say we like the colour orange at sock club would be something of an understatement.
this orange thread attracted us like moths to the flame.
it has the same effect on us that lavender has on nans.

when we reveal the details of our sockclub products to you soon,
you can be sure that the colour orange will be in there somewhere.

these were feeling neglected as the orange thread was photographed from all angles.
they must have felt like charlotte lucas or elizabeth bennet in pride and prejudice,
you know at the assembly room ball ?

what i'm saying is, we all wanted to dance with the orange thread but nobody paid any attention to these plain looking colours. they were tolerable i suppose, but not handsome enough to tempt me.

what is going on here ? this was supposed to be a blog post about socks and now i'm
badly referencing jane austen's finest work.

perhaps i'll pack it in for the day and go for a coffee ?

oh... coffee...