stüssy zig-zag socks

here at sock club london we like a wide variety of socks.
plain socks are a staple of any discerning gentleman's armoury.
striped and hooped socks both have their place too.

how do you stand on socks with spots or dots ?

at the moment we at the club are holding an enquiry into the 
legitimacy of spotty socks... but that's another story.

for today let's show you an approved sock by an approved brand.

stüssy always come up with the goods.
they make great sweats, tees, buckets and even their general livin' range 
is pretty decent. you all know the stüssy welcome mat right ?
and here at sock club london hq we use stüssy hand wash and lip balm...
but i digress.

these socks are very nice indeed
for those partial to a zig, a zag, or indeed both together in their
zig-zag state...

these socks are perfect with a pair of the right jeans or black trousers
which just leads us to the correct footwear.

but that's something for another post i feel.

for now lets just say that these stüssy zig-zag socks are approved.

no apologies, no regrets.