sock club stickers

though we can't exactly approve of stickerbombing
we must say that it does warm our cockles here at sock club
to see the odd sticker or two on the streets.

no harm done and all that.

tokyo is a city we love.
a city where we may well be doing business later this year...
but i've said too much already.

let's just have a look at a few stickers spotted on the streets of tokyo
 a couple of months ago.

can you see it ?

how about now ?
oooh... that's a beauty.
the first rule of sock club / logo / website sticker
yes sir, that's a rare sticker right there.

do you know manhattan records in shibuya ?
it's well worth checking out

and if you do, be sure to cross the road and look from this angle
that's right 

another one of the first batch of sock club stickers

this was in harajuku
another classic

if like charlie brown, you're wondering about sock club
you can always check out our website.

ok there are no socks for sale just yet, but they are coming soon.
limited edition socks too, quite possibly the most beautiful socks
you've ever seen...

but i've said too much.

for now just keep checking the blog and why not have a look at 
sockclublondon on instagram too ?

the first rule of sock club...