sport for all

Sock Club London doesn’t advocate active participation in sport.
Too much sweat and Lynx.

So when one SCL member made a new years resolution to take up basketball it was clear we should background check more thoroughly.

“The local kids can play and they’re making a fool of me, but they are all rocking sweatpants, Gola’s and double-hoop crew socks.” He told us recently. “Please, how can I show them I mean business?”

That’s what Sock Club is here for…

Nike Hyper Elite basketball socks. Game changer!

Dri-fit wicking fabric.
3 layers of cushioning.

So much technology they even have a cell phone signal running up the calf.

Those grey sections have a different weave density for an ergonomic fit (left and right plate specific).
The ribbed ankle and arch bits increase comfort.

Remember the right socks can help you jump higher, run faster, and hold your breath longer*

* terms and conditions apply

original pirate material ( a guest blog post )

There are many possible reasons why Captain Phillips lost out during award season.

The movie gave few opportunities for sock based puns for a start - Dallas Sock Club, Blue Socks, The Sock of Wall Street all spring to mind.

Hanks and Co. might have fared better giving focus on the essentials of pirate wardrobe.

Of course, their 18th century predecessors favoured plus-fours and a buckle shoe.
But the modern day pirate has these A Bathing Ape quarter socks on which to spend his well plundered doubloons.

More discerning shipmates are free to choose between solid grey or, the more jaunty, monochromatic hoops.

The quarter sock does have a feminine look – it shows a bit more ankle cleavage - which was considered risqué back in the 1700s and we’re are more open minded these days.

sock fiction

very poor indeed.

if you can do better than this
( and lets face it, who can't ? )

please send your submissions to:

we'll publish and credit you*

*terms and conditions apply

a visit to the pantherella sock factory ( part two )

ok, let's look at a few photos from the pantherella sock factory visit.

this was in a room full of old machines.
i guess they were some sort of old sock display things.

wow !
around this point we started thinking about having one of these machines
installed at sock club hq.
it was one of the most impressive looking coffee machines we'd ever seen.

what ?

a proper old sock machine

and another

it was an amazing room, full of once proud sock machines
now resting... perhaps having an afternoon nap but ready to be
brought back to life one day.

some of the old machines still had thread in them.

 ok... i must admit, i can't remember if this was one of the old
'retired' machines or one of the machines that work a shift each day.
truth is, they look pretty similar to the untrained eye.

you see, the new sock machines were not the size of a toaster
and in glossy white like some sort of apple mac.

no. they were massive things.
in fact it was a really big factory full of gigantic machines whirring
away like some scene from a 50's sci-fi film.

you'd think all this heavy machinery was making cars or tanks or some such.
but no... they were making something much more important...

they were making socks.

part three of the visit to follow soon.

a visit to the pantherella sock factory ( part one )

a few months ago now, sockclub members 001 and 002 were invited 
to the pantherella sock factory in leicester.
we went armed with a camera and sported our finest socks for the occasion.

it's where some of the best socks in the country are born.
is 'born' the correct word ? probably not but you know what we mean.

( leicester is also home to some of the worst coffee known to man, but that's another story )

oh wait a minute... we at sock club london are not blaming pantherella for the bad coffee.

*sound of hole digging*

no, not at all... it was the coffee at the local cafes that have haunted our dreams 
every night since that wretched day in november.

then again, in fairness, pantherella could take their coffee game up a notch or two.

hold tight are you going to talk about coffee or gentlemen's hosiery ?
i hear you ask...

you're right. i'll keep to the sock-theme from now on.

let's talk about socks.
to say we like the colour orange at sock club would be something of an understatement.
this orange thread attracted us like moths to the flame.
it has the same effect on us that lavender has on nans.

when we reveal the details of our sockclub products to you soon,
you can be sure that the colour orange will be in there somewhere.

these were feeling neglected as the orange thread was photographed from all angles.
they must have felt like charlotte lucas or elizabeth bennet in pride and prejudice,
you know at the assembly room ball ?

what i'm saying is, we all wanted to dance with the orange thread but nobody paid any attention to these plain looking colours. they were tolerable i suppose, but not handsome enough to tempt me.

what is going on here ? this was supposed to be a blog post about socks and now i'm
badly referencing jane austen's finest work.

perhaps i'll pack it in for the day and go for a coffee ?

oh... coffee...

to cuff or not to cuff ? ( a guest blog post )

of all the questions received at sock club london,
one of the most popular them is:

"to cuff or not to cuff ?"

this is still an oft discussed topic at the bi-annual conference despite
it's grounding in the foundations of sock club rules
( though it is not known where this rule ranks )

spoiler: there are no answers here.

not a cuff

the single turn.
a classic but without fair consideration to the needs of the sock.

let there be light.

the highwater.
not ideal for a wider cuff ( 15" plus ) due to static build up from
perpetual swinging.

a cuff above.
not for the fainthearted and currently illegal in most non-eu countries.

the pin tuck, double roll.
this final execution is favoured by more fundamental members of sock club
and should never be attempted with an outside turn.

sock club stickers

though we can't exactly approve of stickerbombing
we must say that it does warm our cockles here at sock club
to see the odd sticker or two on the streets.

no harm done and all that.

tokyo is a city we love.
a city where we may well be doing business later this year...
but i've said too much already.

let's just have a look at a few stickers spotted on the streets of tokyo
 a couple of months ago.

can you see it ?

how about now ?
oooh... that's a beauty.
the first rule of sock club / logo / website sticker
yes sir, that's a rare sticker right there.

do you know manhattan records in shibuya ?
it's well worth checking out

and if you do, be sure to cross the road and look from this angle
that's right 

another one of the first batch of sock club stickers

this was in harajuku
another classic

if like charlie brown, you're wondering about sock club
you can always check out our website.

ok there are no socks for sale just yet, but they are coming soon.
limited edition socks too, quite possibly the most beautiful socks
you've ever seen...

but i've said too much.

for now just keep checking the blog and why not have a look at 
sockclublondon on instagram too ?

the first rule of sock club...

stüssy zig-zag socks

here at sock club london we like a wide variety of socks.
plain socks are a staple of any discerning gentleman's armoury.
striped and hooped socks both have their place too.

how do you stand on socks with spots or dots ?

at the moment we at the club are holding an enquiry into the 
legitimacy of spotty socks... but that's another story.

for today let's show you an approved sock by an approved brand.

stüssy always come up with the goods.
they make great sweats, tees, buckets and even their general livin' range 
is pretty decent. you all know the stüssy welcome mat right ?
and here at sock club london hq we use stüssy hand wash and lip balm...
but i digress.

these socks are very nice indeed
for those partial to a zig, a zag, or indeed both together in their
zig-zag state...

these socks are perfect with a pair of the right jeans or black trousers
which just leads us to the correct footwear.

but that's something for another post i feel.

for now lets just say that these stüssy zig-zag socks are approved.

no apologies, no regrets.

the first rule of sock club

you may have seen stickers around town.
in london, new york, tokyo, amsterdam and northampton.

stickers like this

in places like this
for information and news about sock club, keep checking this blog.

hopefully there will be a new post every other day.

you'll find out about the rules.
you'll receive sock education.
you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll drink some coffee
you'll feel the need to improve your sock game.

we here at sock club will help you.