FALKE RU ACHILLES Compression Running Socks Sock Mythology: Achilles, and how to recover if you shoot yourself in the foot.

In Greek mythology Achilles was a brave and formidable soldier. Unfortunately he shall be forever remembered in modern times for his one weakness. Legend states that Achilles was never defeated on the battlefield; instead his fatal blow was struck by Paris another Greek mythological figure, and not the fashionable capital of France. Although there is some synergy about one who once struck a blow, and several who often strike. Paris fired an arrow that hit Achilles in the only weak part of his body, just above his heel. This brave soldier and formidable soul was thus not remembered for his honourable deeds in combat, but for having poor choice in suitable attire.

We can’t help but think that a quality pair of heavyweight socks may also have gone some way to assist to deflect the blow. However, the story goes that the arrow was covered in the blood of the Hydra, which was supposedly toxic. We’ve yet to find a pair of socks that can both withstand an arrow strike and are also resistant to poison. And believe us we have tried. Which is also the reason you’ll find a large gap in the Sock Club London membership numbers in the mid to late 300’s. Fallen comrades, we salute you.

These days Achilles Heel is now a term used to apply to a person’s weakness. And an injury of the Achilles tendon is not uncommon, especially if someone has just started a new exercise regime. Which is why our good friends from German sock manufacturer Falke have released a pair of socks to assist. Their RU Achilles Compression socks are specifically designed to reduce Achilles tendon troubles. And according to Falke they are the first socks on the market to do this.

We decided to test these socks out for ourselves. The method we chose was running. We could find a bowman (he wasn’t French, but then no ones perfect) but toxic blood of a Hydra was in short supply in the Sock Club London store cupboards, so we took the easy way out.

The blurb from Falke is that these socks have three dimensional silicon pyramids positioned on the inside of the sock that massage the tissue on the side of the Achilles tendon. This in turn improves the blood circulation and speeds up the healing process, whilst also reducing irritation of the tendon. Sounds good, complicated, but good. Basically, it is like having a massage while you run.

When you first put them on there is some concern that you will feel the silicon and it would be noticeable and uncomfortable when you run. But our guinea pig, sorry, valued Sock Club London member; was happy to report that this was not the case. 

The socks were comfortable, in fact very comfortable. And as you would expect from Falke they also come in Left and Right options giving a truer fit. After just one run it’s hard for our intrepid Sock Club London reporter to say what the long-term improvements and support would be, but overall we were very impressed.

These socks are not cheap. Currently retailing for 27 of your British Pounds. But, if you are prone to issues with your Achilles, or returning to training from an Achilles injury we would definitely recommend these as a great addition to your sock drawer.

So, if you ever find yourself running in Paris, which these days with the Taxi strikes and the blocking of the Channel Tunnel could well be very likely, you could do a lot worse than run in these socks. Just watch out for heel strikes.

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