falke ergonomic sport system socks review

after the success of the ru energizing running socks we decided to review another product from falke.

this time we tried the ru4 short socks.

we were of course very impressed by the words “limited edition” being on the packaging.

it’s also a nice detail to have the sock size woven into the socks themselves and the one size leeway is a nice touch. no need to wear socks that are too baggy or stretch a pair that are too tight.

it’s all about the comfort when you’re running right ? 

well, not all about the comfort but comfort is a good starting point.

we like it when socks have a distinct left and right. that shows a bit of thought.

in fact the toe shape on these are falke patented… and they fit like a glove ( leave it )

we also like a union jack now and then.

white socks though… well, that’s a hot topic and no mistake.

a topic we will touch on in future posts but for now let’s ignore the colourway and concentrate on the technical merits of the socks in hand ( insert punchline here )

nice shape, good fit.

on a personal note i prefer my running socks to be shorter or longer. these are a bit of an odd length. but that’s just my personal opinion. 

i love the use of grey for the sole, toes and heels. purely from an aesthetic point of view i think 

it’s good not to have those areas in white.

once again i have to give these two thumbs up for comfort and performance. 

i know the easy or obvious option is to go with nike or another sports brand for running socks

but these really are top notch. all i would say is that perhaps they don’t look as good as nike socks would with nike shoes.

having the word ‘falke’ on the heel of the sock just over where it says ‘nike’ on the heel tabs of the shoes… it’s maybe not a great look. but is the look as important as the feel and performance ?

we are not being paid by falke, so i don’t have to give them a good review. but what i want to do is give an honest review.

all in all i recommend these socks. yes i’d advise you to buy a pair and give them a try. for running and general gym wear they are very, very good. 

what i would say is… i’m not a fan of white socks.

today i’m going out sock shopping ( honestly ) and my mission is to buy some coloured running socks.

socks to match my running shoes or trainers as closely as possible.

i’ll publish the results next week.

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