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falke ergonomic sport system socks review

after the success of the ru energizing running socks we decided to review another product from falke. this time we tried the ru4 short socks. we were of course very impressed by the words “limited edition” being on the packaging. it’s also a nice detail to have the sock size woven into the socks themselves and the […]

Save The Date

I was first made aware of the Burlington Sock brand in the late 80’s, early 90’s. Growing up in the leafy suburbs of South West London (well, leafy to some extent, the small parts that weren’t concrete, grey and covered in rubbish anyway). The look of the day for guys was a move on from […]

purple haze all in my brain…

“Purple haze all in my brain, Lately things don’t feel the same, Acting funny but I don’t know why, Excuse me whilst I kiss the sky.” No, Sock Club London has not been putting anything in the coffee in the SCL offices. The lyrically astute and musically aware of you will recognize those lyrics from […]

FALKE RU ACHILLES Compression Running Socks Sock Mythology: Achilles, and how to recover if you shoot yourself in the foot.

In Greek mythology Achilles was a brave and formidable soldier. Unfortunately he shall be forever remembered in modern times for his one weakness. Legend states that Achilles was never defeated on the battlefield; instead his fatal blow was struck by Paris another Greek mythological figure, and not the fashionable capital of France. Although there is […]