men's health ? men's bad health

flicking through a copy of men's health magazine the other day ( don't ask )

we found three horrendous pages in quick succession.

in fact so despicable are the following three images that we advise the faint hearted of you to scroll down carefully...

( then again, for reasons of safety in the home / workplace and also good hygiene we always advocate taking care with one's scrolling, even at the best of times )











first up and advertisement for dune london. come on dune london you're having a shocker.

you're advertising in men's health showing a distinct lack of socks ( and class )

it's not clever.





this is a dealbreaker too, some lad with nothing better to do than lounge around all day wearing white clothes on a wicker chair in a state of socklessness.

he's having a nightmare.




and finally...


nsfw ? you're damned straight it's nsfw.


a man should always wear the appropriate socks in the workplace. non-sock wearing is an accident waiting to happen.


and the gentleman in the above photo appears to be a matter of seconds away from having an accident of some kind.