falke sports socks ( a review of sorts )

here at sock club london we like to keep fit as much as the next man.

we often walk from coffee shop to sock shop ( no... not the actual sock shop. i mean a nice shop which sells socks like say... liberty or selfridges ) and onwards to another coffee shop.

that's a pretty decent keep fit routine, right ?


well that's member 002 thought until a few months ago when through no fault of his own, he was enrolled ( is that the word ? ) to run a 10k race in regent's park.

actually 'enrolled' is not the word... 'tricked' is the word.


naturally enough member 002 put in a lot of time thinking about what he would run in

( but not a lot of time practising running )

he designed himself a nice t-shirt, bought some camo ( of course ) shorts and a decent pair of running shoes but the thing which weighed on his mind right until two days before the race was

"what socks should i wear to run in ?"


the answer was "falke"

falke ergonomic sport system running socks with the promise of injury prevention and accelerated recovery process.




but were the socks any good i hear you ask...


well... member 002 has continued with this running lark.

the 10k pictured above was just the first of many runs. that was four months ago and do you know what ?

in all the many runs since, he has tried a number of different running socks from different brands,

but by far the best he has run in... by a mile in fact, are the falke ergonomic things pictured above.


seriously. seriously, you should give them a try. your legs and your feet will thank you.


so to recap... nice one falke !


now if only they made them in orange...



what ?