Take a STANCE, and put your best FOOTPATROL forward and get ALIFE



the action of working with someone to produce something

So, the dictionary definition of collaboration does not exactly give true justice to what we are about to talk about. At Sock Club London we prefer the Rei Kawakubo (she of Comme des Garcons fame) quote below, and it is definitely the one we live by when looking at our own collaborations.

Collaborations have no meaning if 1+1 does not equal much more than 2"

Here 1+1+1 is most definitely a lot more than 3.

Leading London based footwear retailer Footpatrol has teamed up with NYC's directional streetwear brand ALIFE to produce a collaborative capsule collection of clothing. Featuring Tees, Hoodies and Jackets. As well as a few other trinkets that no discerning influencer and taste maker can be without; lighters, mugs and pin badges are all on offer. Two giants of the scene combining to make something very special.

However, what floats our boat at SCL HQ are of course the socks that have been made in association with STANCE Socks. Here STANCE have taken the classic ALIFE logo and the Footpatrol wording, thrown them in the air until they have collectively landed on the socks in an overlapping pattern, and affixed them with assistance from their tried and tested sublimation printing techniques.

The end result are pure out and out showstoppers, and a must have for everyones sock drawer. The only catch, you can't buy them. They are given away free with any purchase (in store only) of the collaboration products if you spend over 90 British Pounds. Not so much of a catch when you see the choice and quality on offer.

We also appreciate when companies and brands go above and beyond. No corners were cut on this one, and the collaboration also goes onto the packaging that the socks come in. See below for further images of this impressive effort.

You can see and read more about the total collaboration in the link below, and take yourself out on manouvers with an excursion onto the streets of Soho in London to grab a pair for yourself.


We'd also like to self proclaim this email title, and subject title, as the title of 2015. But then we are most definitely not modest, and unashamedly biased.

Watch out for our 2015 Ten Best Sock Collaborations piece as well, to see if these have made the list.


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