SCL3 - no apologies, no regrets

over the next few weeks we will publish some factory images here on our blog and explain a little about our socks and our exclusive items.


here are a few of our SCL3 "no apologies, no regrets" socks at the pantherella factory. as you can see they have already been made and embroidered.

by this stage they are nearly, but before they have the rider ticket stitched, the hanger attached and are boxed for dispatch...


they are sent to lorraine


lorraine is the one person in the whole factory who applies foot transfers

we had our foot transfers specially made. they read "pantherella for sock club london"

it's not something you'd generally pay much attention to, but we are all about the details.



here are the finished socks... SCL3 as they are listed in our shop section.

no apologies, no regrets.

and here they are being worn by member 003

like all our socks they have been produced in limited numbers.

like all our socks they were made in england to our exact design by pantherella.

we are extremely happy with the way they turned out. we think you will be too.

so what are you waiting for ?

click where it says shop, then click on socks... well... you know it makes sense... 

treat your feet, take your sock game up a couple of levels and invest in a couple of pairs.