camo tuesday


it's something we came up with during a coffee-fuelled sock club meeting a few months ago and it seems to have really taken off.

you know the drill by now ( we hope )

all you have to do is post a photo on instagram on a tuesday. we prefer a camo sock but it can be camo anything.

make sure you hashtag the pic #camotuesday and one of our board members ( or bored members ) will get back to you and leave a comment. maybe even some words of wisdom regarding the #eleventhruleofsockclub




camo happysocks. a staple of most members' sock drawers.

camo socks by aape, teamed with nike x undftd lunar forces,

orange and camo eh ? it's a win / win.

stance socks. stance do like a bit of camo.

in fact that reminds me... we need to post a full in depth sock review of some stance socks.


ok, let's end this post now and return in a day or two with a review of some stance camo socks.

maybe i'll post it on tuesday... #camotuesday