The 10 Best Sock Collaborations of 2014…

Christmas present lists, bucket lists, Brahms and Liszt  (cockney rhyming slang, in case you were wondering)

 All well and good, but we couldn’t end this year without compiling our top ten sock collaborations.


We must warn you, this is a completely and unashamedly biased list, based on what we believe are the best of the rest; with far more than just a nod to what we at Sock Club London have introduced in 2014. So, we hope you find this interesting, and remember no apologies, no regrets. Especially the self plugging part!


10 – HUF x Wu Tang Clan

Forget ya neck, protect your ankles with these numbers. Produced as part of a pack to celebrate the 20th anniversary of  Wu-Tang Clan’s debut album, Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers. Featuring the Wu-Tang logo interspersed with the HUF plantlife leaf. Forget the chambers, these are so good you needed to stock up on 36 pairs.





9 – Happy Socks x Snoop Dogg

Continuing on the theme of socks and rappers, and no stranger to plantlife himself, Snoop Dogg collaborated with Happy Socks to celebrate the art of inspiration. Our favourites were these inspiring numbers, paying homage to Snoops favourite tipple. Any sock that has Gin & Juice on the toe will always make our list.






8 – Richer Poorer x Coachella

Coming back for a second year, American sock brand Richard Poorer collaborated with the Coachella festival for a desert inspired sock pack. Only available to purchase at the festival meant that these socks were a real badge of honour to own. Not dissimilar to a Hard Rock Café London t-shirt. Just a hell of a lot nicer.





7 – ICNY x Staple

Combining ICNY’s performance and 3M goodness with Jeff Staples eye for a great design; these two brands collaborated for the first time in 2014. Bringing a sock that incorporated ICNY’s signature 3M all over printing with a narrow lined cross. Making for a very clean, premium and stylish look. Which also delivered on performance. If you wear these socks, people will flock with you, for sure.





6 – Democratique Socks x Soulland

The stars aligned when Democratique Socks and Soulland got together to dream up these great looking socks. With an all over planet design woven in, these truly are not of this earth. The one colour of the pattern lifts it just enough to make this sock work really well. Great to aid your understanding of the universe too, is that Uranus?





5 – Nike x Patta





Streetwear power house from the lowlands of the North of Hollan, Patta, celebrated all things football with a collaboration pack with Nike. The release was anchored around the release of the Nike Tiempo 94 training shoe.  To coincide with some competition, where England were rubbish and Wales couldn’t even be bothered to turn up.  The Tiempo was real nice, the soccer shirt as well; but obviously for us the knock out piece were the socks. Unfortunately even the mighty Sock Club London could not get their hands on a pair.  Rarer than a sober tourist in Dam Square.




4 – Burlington Socks x Oi Polloi

When we started Sock Club London, all those many decades ago way back in 2014, we wanted to make sure that we were bringing product of a real premium level. We also wanted to ensure that the packaging the socks came in were an equal level. So when we saw this recent collaboration between the men’s fashion retail institution that is Oi Polloi and Burlington (more to come on then early next year), we truly had to raise our hats to this effort. The socks are great, but the packaging is genius. Well played gents.






3 – Sock Club London x Corgi Hosiery



OK, so we did warn you, onto the completely unbiased part. It’s no secret that we in the Club are partial to a bit of camo or two. So when we had the opportunity to work with Corgi Hosiery (more to come from this great brand too) we immediately went to their Camouflage pattern sock. We took their design, flipped the original cotton for a wool blend; and applied our own colour options.  The classic British woodland DPM, the warmer climate Desert DPM version, and introducing to the world our own SCL DPM Camo, with our club colours. We couldn’t have been happier with the results.






2 – Sock Club London x CHUP Socks

Made In Japan was our second collaborative release in 2014. We worked with The Superior Labor on a sock pouch and engineer bag. And when it came to choosing a sock brand there was no one else we wanted to work with than CHUP. They’re take on classic fair isle knits, produced on machines that can only make up to 25 socks per day,  has taken the sock world by storm over the last few years. These exclusive SCL numbers took CHUPS Fiddle design and flipped the script with our club colours. Resulting in a collection that we are very proud of.






1 – Sock Club London x Pantherella Socks

When we first sat down and talked about what we’d like to do as Sock Club London, we talked craft, passion, craftsmanship and a pride for local manufacturing. We desired that our first every collaborative sock would be made in England. With that in mind where else could we go than Pantherella. Making some of the finest socks known to man, or woman, from their Leicester base since 1937. We had so much fun with this project. Pushing the boundaries as to how far we could go. With colour choice, with embroidery, Make it bigger, make sure it’s on the ankle so it can be seen. We’re still not sure what the professionals of Pantherella made of us when we first talked through our designs. But thankfully they saw something in it and made these beautiful socks for us. This made in England collection also brought some other friends along. An amazing umbrella by Fox Umbrellas (simple some of the best people ever to work with) and the incredible handmade skills of the Globe Trotter staff who were so kind as to make a very limited run of the world first and only sock case. Thank you to all of you for kick starting Sock Club London with these great made in England products.