about a year ago, sock club member 002 was in tokyo.

when it rains in tokyo you notice that everybody has the same umbrella.

you leave them outside a shop or restaurant when you go in, then collect it again on the way out.

but they all look the same ( japanese umbrellas that is )

so member 002 decided to customise his umbrella with a sticker

hmmm he thought... a sock club umbrella... now there's an idea.

a year later and sock club london do indeed have their own device for protection from the rain... a collapsible circular canopy of material mounted on a central rod... ( umbrella is much too small a word )

instead of a sticker, it has the sock club london logo engraved onto the steel tip cup.

they were made in england for us by those fine people at fox umbrellas

the handle is covered in luxurious black leather, and hand stitched .

the stem is made from a hard wood and finished with a metal tip

and of course, each of the limited edition of 10 umbrellas is lined in orange.


the limited edition sock club london umbrella is available now on our website for the bargain price of £149.

or if you're not a member already,, why not sign up for membership today and get 10% off the price of the umbrella straight away ?

umbrella based message ends...