world cup 2014 brasil

you might not have noticed but the world cup is on at the moment.

it's being held in brasil and the chances are that england are going 

to win the whole competition.

they will probably play spain in the final...

what ?

ok, so maybe we don't know that much about football,

but we do know about socks.

have a look at these bad-boys.

happy socks produced for the world cup...

the world cup in south africa 2010.

that's right. we kept these on ice for four years so we could do a blog post about

them in 2014 when brasil would be the host nation.

or did we just put them in our sock drawer, forget about them for three years,

invent sock club london and then wheel the socks out a year later when it seemed

like a good idea ?

to be honest i lost interest in what i was writing just then.

bottom line is... these are seriously nice socks.

in brazil colours with 5 stars on them for the five world cups brazil have won.

time to get some wear out of them now

before they become out of date and i have to resort to getting a green felt tip

out and drawing another star on each sock.

there was an england pair in this release too.

but we don't want to talk about england and football now do we ?