we are always observing.

keeping an eye on the sock game.

ready to give praise where sock praise is due,
but also ready to hand out spot fines for breaking any of the many
rules of sock club.

let's have a look at a few iphone photos from the other week
on hampstead heath, and perhaps give our verdicts.

cycling on the footpath is bad enough,
but cycling on the footpath wearing sneakers but no socks...

or is there a hint of black trainer sock there ?

our legal experts and photo analysts are studying this photo as we speak.

( we are speaking aren't we ? )

shut it down.


£20 spot fine.

#thirdruleofsockclub applies.

fair enough.

nice work if you can get it.

fantastic dry-fit ankle sock work in the foreground.
nike on nike is a win / win situation.
in the background however we have the makings of a crime scene.

two pairs of reeboks in two minutes...
me cago en la leche ( as vicente del bisque would say )
nice enough white socks though.

no apologies, no regrets.

oh come on sweetheart, you're not in your bedroom now...
you're having a nightmare.
£20 fine and don't argue.


santigold x stance socks according to our experts.
great choice.

a little close for comfort but nevertheless, our panel could find no fault here.

the white sock is a hot topic at the moment and no mistake.
it seems to split popular opinion and as far as we can see, there are two camps.

those who think the white sock is only to be used for playing sport
or visiting essex.

and those who think the white sock should be banished.

at the next sock club london gam we shall decide the fate of the white sock
and our findings will be published here.
so do please keep on checking in.

i hope you've got your oyster card sweetheart.
it's a long walk to stoke newington.

once again, low black socks with some black sneakers is a handsome look
for summer 2014.
as for your associate...
that'll be £20.

because you've got to have rules.
if you don't have rules where would you be ?

those look like the dog's bollocks !

of course we are referring to the black trainer socks with the adidas
in the background... what did you think we meant ?

as for you darlin'