let's stance

what can we say about stance socks ?

well... for a starter, they make a decent range of camo socks.
( please excuse the shoddy quality iphone pic )

they also make the great staple... the sporting classic...
the white tube sock.
what's not to like ? the quality on these is top notch.
trust us on this.
#fourthruleofsockclub applies

sock club member 003 is a big fan of stance socks

heck she even kept the badges on with this pair.
that's right... free badges with this pair.
that's one of the things we approve of with stance socks...
the attention to details, sometimes with sneaky words of wisdom on the rider
tickets, sometimes it's free badges.

supporting a good cause is a good call.
stance are good people with good socks.

( did we just say the word 'good' a few times too many then ? )

santigold for stance.
not bad.

a rarely utilised sock area for design.
do stance care about rules ?

it appears not. rules are there to be broken
( except for the rules of sock club )

now... here's the thing which is causing debate here at sock club.
how do you stand on the stance logo ?

should it be worn on the inside or outside of the ankle ?
or should we say medial or lateral ?

we are going to halt this post about stance right now until we get an answer.

member 003 ( as can be seen here ) favours wearing the logo on the outside...
the selvedge side.
member 001 reckons this is incorrect.
member 002 is on a coffee break as usual and not available for comment.

we have lots more to talk about regarding stance socks, including some in-depth
performance reviews...

but for now we are going to leave it.

we want answers.
we want the truth.

the stance logo ?

which way ?

until next time then...