double danish

Double Danish

Pastries x Bacon
(obviously that’s food with ‘Danish’ in the name)

Lego x The Bridge
(an eccentric combination of children’s toys and moody Scando TV)

Sandi Toksvig x Carlsberg
(she used to present that Saturday morning TV show and, the other is beer)

Loudspeakers x Hamlet
(apparently they invented speakers a long time after a bloke from Stratford Upon Avon invented a miserable Danish royal)

Poul Cadovius x Viggo Mortensen
(one of whom designed furniture in the 1950s while the other only manages to be half Danish, but was very good in Lord of the Rings)

Soulland x Democratique Socks
(two young brands out of Denmark currently combining statement seasonal streetwear and a seriously strong sock offer)