the happy sockdays

here at sockclub hq we do like the odd pun.

after the roaring success of blue sockday
( instead of blue monday... right ? )

today we give you a twist ( -ing my melon man )
on the happy mondays.

i know... i was thinking the same thing myself...
what am i talking about ?

why don't i just show you the socks.

so here they are.

we kind of like happy socks.
they have definitely been one of the reasons sockclub london has opened up
for business ( and membership )

the happy swedes have gone big on loud patterns and bright colours.
they have definitely changed the sock game a little. maybe even more than a little.

as you know, we are big on details and also ( spoiler alert ) on collabs.

happysocks do come out with some genius collabs. did you ever see their minecraft socks ?

no ?

then we will show you next week.

the socks in the pic were a limited edition ( the magic words )
and came in a special box ( nice )
containing two pairs of swedish military camo ( another magic word )
patterned socks which are absolutely perfect for the summer,

for camotuesday.

camotuesday ?

that's right... you're on instagram right ?
every tuesday we want you to post a photo of anything camo related.
it doesn't have to be socks.

be sure to hashtag it camotuesday and we will find it and give our opinion
( and hopefully our approval )

too many brackets in this blog post ?

( i thought so too )